TCS aluminum pistol cleaning rods are made with a solid aluminum shaft that turns to follow the rifling, and an ergonomic handle, this tool is both rugged and easy to use. It uses industry standard 8/32 threads and will work will all standard cleaning tips, loops, and brushes. The Shotgun Choke and AR-15 Cleaning Rods have 5/16x27 threading and are non-rotating. For best results, we recommend you use it with TCS Jags and USP Bore Paste. With these products, you will dramatically decrease cleaning time, freeing you to do other things with your valuable time. They are available in the following sizes:

Shotgun Choke Cleaner - 4", non-rotating

Law Enforcement - 6", rotating

Universal Pistol - 8", rotating

Heavy [9mm & larger] - 8", rotating

AR-15 chamber rod - 8", non-rotating


MSRP $14.99 & $15.99