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Tuesday June 02, 2020 to Monday June 08, 2020

Sig P365. This is one of the most popular model of Sigs out there - great for concealed carry and home defense! This model has a ported slide and barrel. It also has low profile features and a special coating to make it easier to draw without snagging. It comes with night sights and two magazines. 

MSRP $650 - Local Big Box Store $680

Our Price - $580

Sig P210. This pistol is a spectacular full-size gun. It is a remanufacture of the original Sig carried by the Swiss Army. It comes with custom walnut grips, adjustable target sights and a customized target grade trigger.This Sig 9mm is an accurate and hard hitting pistol and unfortunately it comes with a pretty hard hitting price.

MSRP $1430 - Local Big Box Store $1450

Our Price - $1300

Ruger SP101 Talo. This Ruger revolver is a Talo exclusive with incredible engraving. It has a 2.25" barrel and it holds five .357 magnum or .38 special rounds a 2". The SP101 is great for home defense and is easily concealed.

MSRP $940 - Local Big Box Store $840

Our Price - $790

Ruger SP101. This 5-shot revolver is chambered for 9mm ammunition. This stainless handgun makes a great carry piece and is also perfect for home defense. Already own a 9mm? - this Ruger is a great backup gun and you would only have to carry one type of ammunition. 

MSRP $720 - Local Big Box Store $650

Our Price - $595

To Order:

  1. Call us at 919.808.6480 to purchase one of these guns. Shipping costs are $20 for handguns and $30 for long guns to anywhere in the continental United States.

  2. We will only ship weapons to a licensed gun dealer and only to states/cities where it is legal.

  3. Purchases made in North Carolina will be charged 6.75% sales tax.

  4. We accept cash, money orders, certified checks and credit cards [Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express].

  5. We do not have credit card fees or "cash discounts" - we find them offensive!


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