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The heck with black Friday! Why not have sales all the time!

These sale prices are valid until

December 31, 2023


Sig P365 XL NRA. This impressive 9mm pistol is the big brother to the sub-compact P365 family. It has a coyote finish, night sights and comes with two 12 round magazines and a 17-round magazine. It is optics ready and comes with an NRA coin. This is a  top-rated pistol and would be a great pistol for anyone to own. Add a Sig Romeo 5 sight for $124.99 if you buy it with the pistol.

MSRP $685

Big Box Store Not Avail.

Our Price - $624.99


Springfield Hellcat Pro OSP. This is the big brother to the Hellcat - only this one has a BRONZE finish slide. It is NOT fde. shown above. It is optics ready and comes with a 15 and a 17 round magazine. This Hellcat is is chambered in 9mm and is as sharp looking as it is lethal!

MSRP $692

Big Box Store - Not Avail.

Our Price - $624.99


Springfield Hellcat Pro OSP. You're probably wondering why I'm listing 2 Hellcat Pros. This package is a sweet deal since it comes with 5 magazines - four 15 round and one 17 round, plus a range bag. It has a FDE frame, black slide, night sights and is Optics Ready. What makes this deal even better? This Hellcat comes with a threaded barrel!

MSRP $750

Big Box Store Not Avail

Our Price - $624.99


RIA VR80 Stormtrooper. What would the holiday season be without a white Christmas. This semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun was too unique to pass up - especially if you're a Star Wars fan. This weapon is modeled after an Imperial Stormtrooper's rifle and has a Stormtrooper White Cerakote finish! It comes with two 5 round magazines. Add a 19 round magazine for $49.99 if purchased with the VR80, or $64.99 if purchased separately.

MSRP $800

Big Box Store $890

Our Price - $649.99

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 10.43.57

To Order:

  1. Call us at 919.808.6480 to purchase one of these guns. Shipping costs are $20 for handguns and $30 for long guns to anywhere in the continental United States.

  2. We will only ship weapons to a licensed gun dealer and only to states/cities where it is legal.

  3. Purchases made in North Carolina will be charged 6.75% sales tax.

  4. We accept cash, money orders, certified checks and credit cards [Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express].

  5. We do not have credit card fees or "cash discounts" - we find them offensive!

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